Own YOUR Sexy

My wonderful tiara again!


What does your sexy look like?

Is it something you authentically feel or is it taught to you?

Sexy, like everything else in life, has many different meanings for different people.

Recently, I was at the University of Colorado teaching a lap dance class as part of a residency with Gesel Mason’s Women, Sex & Desire.  The week culminated with a showing of Women, Sex & Desire.

I unknowingly ended up partnered in a pre show exercise with a student who was worried about my chair dance class being offered on campus.  We were able to exchange ideas and come to an understanding of each other’s point of view.  Is there any power in a lap dance?  She was not able to experience the fun had in class but we were able to have a one to one conversation after the showing.

One of the questions we discussed was where does our idea of sexy, sexual desires and fantasies stem from?  Are they taught to us by what we are bombarded with in popular media?  Let’s say possibly this is one origin.  Does this erase the option of choosing to check in with ourselves and see if, in fact, it does resonate inside us?

We are all so perfectly different.  I’m open to the idea that we each get to choose what our sexy looks like.  Some days my sexy is no make-up, sweatpants and a baseball cap.  Other days my sexy is girly with all the trimmings and sprinkles.  Mainly, because my sexy has very little to do with what’s going on on the outside and everything to do with what’s going on inside.


What does your sexy look like?  You decide.  Talk to me.

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