This Little Light of Mine

Flies around 60 watt light globe

One of my closest friends says that there is always a light that is burning deep in her center no matter how dark life gets.  I believe we all have this light.  The more we tune into it, the more we share it with everyone we come in contact with, the more it is reflected back to us.  I joke around about myself that I always try to bring the sunshine with me:  This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!

This Little Light of Mine

This year I’ve had this same experience a handful of times.  I will mention someone casually in a conversation.  The person I am talking to will interrupt to tell me a story about a negative encounter they’ve had with the casually named person.  I sit & listen.  I reply with ,”Wow!  That has not been my experience of this person at all.  I have had nothing but positive interactions with them.”

An almost burnt-down lit candle on a candle ho...

It led me to start thinking about how the kind of energy we put out really IS reflected back to us.  We all have this little light within us.  If we focus on growing this flame, it will beam from our very beings.  Once we make an intentional decision to bring this light to every situation, it will begin to boomerang back to us.  Spend one day with the intention of bringing kind, loving light to Everyone and Every Situation you come in contact with (especially when it is most difficult to do so).  Take note of the kinds of experiences you have on that day.  Test out the theory.  Experiment to see if light really does attract light.


Sunlight and Dogwoods

Negativity is a repellent.  Those who bring light are attractive to others.  Yes, I dare to say it:  Shining Your Light is Sexy.

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