Because being loved well by who you are with EVERY DAY matters more than a box of heart shaped chocolate…

Essence Revealed

My parents have been married nearly forty years.  They left Barbados and lived in Boston.  Love lessons like this they showed me: One of the last worst snow days in their winter experience a fifteen minute drive is taking hours.  My mother is driving home from work.  She is running out of gas.  My father drives through the snow and gets a container full of gas.  He starts heading for where my mother is stuck in traffic.  He gets stopped by a police officer at a cut off point road block.  He explains to the officer that he has to get thru because his wife is running out of gas.  The officer tells him that he cannot drive past.  My father parks his car and walks the rest of the way in the snow to my mother.  Puts gas in her car.  He then walks back to his car.  He…

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  1. Stas' says:

    Love the story.

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