Do or Do Not There is No Try – Yoda

Hustle (TV series)

Do or do not there is no try. – Yoda

Not only are there the haves & the have nots.  There are also the hustles and the hustle nots.  The hustles tend to be the people who are SO passionate about what they do that they do not need a six or seven figure contract to do it.  Being able to do it is payment in and of it self.  Since everything in life is hard (or at the very least comes with some challenges to overcome), the hustles have decided to work hard for what they LOVE.  The hustles do not make any logical sense.  They often do not make financial sense.  However, what they make up for it in happiness, peace of mind, contentment & freedom suffices.

A walk in Cascadilla Gorge found a peace sign ...

This makes no sense to the hustle nots.  It does not balance out neatly on a spreadsheet.  It does not necessarily lead to building a nest egg of security for the future or retirement.  But see, the hustles do not ever want to retire.  The hustles want to be doing what they do until the day they die.  Retirement is a term meant for the hustle nots.  This makes total sense.  You see the hustle nots are not involved in work that speaks to their mind, intellect, heart & soul.  The quicker they can get out of this self-inflicted rat race the better for them.

Some days

The hustles are the pariah of society.  They dare partake in creative collaborations that, unfortunately, more often than not lead to soul fulfilling experiences without its financial equivalent except when it does.  Yes, it is very possible & many times it does.  However, it usually takes years of dedication to developing & building within one’s chosen hustle.  Ever hear the saying it takes 20 years to make an overnight success?  This is why many hustles fail.  They slip silently into the majority of the hustle nots.  They get discouraged & worn down by the amount of work, sacrifice, dedication, consistency & time it takes to build this soul feeding work into financial well being &/or sustainability.

A stack of Money/Picture of money (The followi...

There is also the lack of support.  There is not much encouragement for the hustles in our society.  To be of the hustles often means having to be one’s own best cheerleader.  For ours is a society of the herd mentality.  The hustles are those stray sheep that wander far away from the herd.  They are the ones who operate on the edges of mainstream society.  The hustles are often scoffed upon, belittled & talked down to by the herd.  Often these hustle not herd members are the well meaning loved ones of the hustles.  This behavior is not malicious.  It truly stems from a genuine concern for the well being of the hustles.  However, it does not make it any easier to bear.

It’s never crowded along the extra mile. – Wayne Dyer

Don’t let a hustle not also be a have.  Oh, this is a sure recipe for no hustle (nor comprehension of the hustles) to be had by that type of sheep ever.  For have who are also hustle nots live on an entirely different sphere of opportunities dropped into laps.  Their charmed lives really do not allow them to get the hustles of the world.  Hustle nots are the ones who talk about what they want to do, what they were going to do, what they hope to do, what they wish.  Hustles just do period full stop.  Hustles do not watch the clock praying to be able to stop working.  Hustles want to work more.  Hustles tend to need less sleep because of the energy doing what they love brings them.  Hustles motto: I’ll sleep when I’m dead.  Hustles don’t have a weekend.  Weekends are for the hustle nots to regroup before they get back on that hamster wheel of the rat race.  Hustles LOVE Mondays because it is another chance to do what we do.

A ca. 6 months old Winter White Russian Dwarf ...

I write this blog entry to say chin up to all the hustles out there!

It is not an easy path you’ve chosen.  It is often lonely.  If it were easy everybody would be doing it.  You will encounter many trails & errors.  Fear not there are valuable lessons in all of it.  The herd is content with the ‘safety’ of going to work building someone else’s company.  Then coming home & watching television for a few hours (so they have something other than the building of this other person’s vision they are slaving for to discuss at the water cooler).  Then they repeat over & over & over again.  Sometimes for thirty years if they’re lucky, that is.  Sometimes, the company gets rid of them because their slaving efforts are no longer deemed a valued part of the company’s bottom line.  So much for that job security they hold in such high esteem.

However, as part of the hustles, I take great comfort in knowing that I will NEVER be that 80 year old sitting in a rocking chair wondering “what if?”  What if I had said ‘security’ be damned, I’m going to truly follow my heart.  What if I let the chips fall where they may & lived my passion to the best of my ability with whatever resources I had at my disposal.  To be that sort of sheep would kill me for sure.  I take solace in the fact that I will reach my dying day with no regrets in this regard.  That to me is worth its weight in 401k.

Rough wood rocking chair

Sit quietly for a few moments & imagine yourself at 70, 80 or 90 years old if lucky.  Will you smile looking back on your memories of having given your all to building a life by your own design?  Or will your final days be spent wondering: What If…  Hmmm, what would Yoda do?

The final computer-generated Yoda as seen in t...

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. – Abraham Lincoln

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4 thoughts on “Do or Do Not There is No Try – Yoda

  1. Stas'' says:

    “Living as an Artist” is a good way to describe a life well lived. People would react negatively if I told them I “HUSTLED”. Hustle does have a very positive meaning in our vocabulary, but can be ambiguous. But, I totally agree with your article. Doing what you love, without doing harm to others, is our mission in this life.
    You, and your fellow performers, give us thought provoking acts. It would be difficult to put into words, all the messages contained in one routine.

    • Hustle does not only mean people who do bad things to get over on others in our modern vocabulary. Take a look at the first related article which talks about this very thing.

      In my world hustle is very positive. Some of my closest friends have nick named me hustle diva and I accept that with pride.

      I added in the definition I mean so that it’s clear which definition of hustle I am referring to. Thanks for your appreciation & continued support of the art we create 😀

  2. Perception is often one’s reality… I’m often reminded by a great poet
    in life there are choices & consequences so if a person truly live by this motto then all is well…


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