No Motivation, People…

Title of motivation and emotion

I usually do but today I have no motivation.  Some days I am just not grateful for  lessons learned.Today is one of the first beautiful days of the year.  It is 80 degrees outside!  I have NO need for a coat.  I want to go outside & play.  I stood for a moment with another entrepreneur friend & we watched the easy going slow pace that so many on the hot city streets are moving at today.  For only few moments, we stopped.  A quick shake off of the feathers & we were back to work mode.  I’d rather lazily wander the streets of this city.  I do not want to work on the costume or, market anything or return e-mails or create the rehearsal work plan or anything else I need to work on for that matter.  And yet, I will.

Motivation Ribbon

Motivation Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In spite of how I feel, I will still do what is on the ‘to do’ list to be done for this day.  Today is not one of those days where I am not mentally overshadowed.  I can actually choose to work in spite of what I feel like doing.  How I chose to do it however, is at a much slower pace.  I am not trying to finish everything quickly so I can move onto the next list item.  I am working on one thing at a time.  It does not lessen what needs to be done.  However, I feel much calmer doing it.

Dry zen garden at Portland Japanese Garden

Here’s to taking deep breaths & slowing down the pace.  There will always be more to do.  I have accepted that the list will never do done.  It simply gets adjusted.

Take A Deep Breath...

These moments remind me both of the need to slow down & take a full stop sometimes as well as the ability to keep it moving in spite of mood.

Here’s to a great week!  What is everyone up to?

i watch you while you work

i watch you while you work (Photo credit: xtopalopaquetl)

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