My First Time Story # 3

English: One Bean bag Svenska: En saccosäck.

We, my mother, father, sister and I went to visit one of my parent’s friends.  My sister and I liked going to visit them because they had really cool bean bag chairs.

However, this time was different.  We were distracted from our usual bean bag bee line by a cute dog.  He was tan and cream and had pretty big paws.  I remember them saying he was a mutt.  German Shepard and something or another mix.  My sister and I forgot about the bean bag chairs and played with the puppy instead.  He jumped around and let us pet him.  We had to keep moving our faces out of the reach of his tongue.  I like dogs but the whole licking of face thing, GUH-ROSS!  Other than that he was so much fun!

English: Samson, a White German Shepherd Dog.

When my parents announced that it was time for us to go home we were sad to be leaving our new friend wagging tailed friend.  We asked if we could stay just a little while longer so that we could play with the puppy some more.  That’s when we found out he was coming home with us!!!  My Dad asked me what I wanted to name him.  I thought about it for a little while and decided his name should be Jennifer.  “It’s a boy, he can’t be named Jennifer,” my Dad said.  I could not for the life of me understand why.  My feelings were hurt for a while.  But I perked up when I saw how cute he looked in the brown paper bag we were bringing him home in.  He was like groceries but better!

Photo credit: clarita from

My Dad named him Tarzan.  Tarzan was my first Pet :-).

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