Minneapolis Burlesque Festival

Source: etsy.com via Essence on Pinterest

I took part in my second burlesque festival this month – The Minneapolis Burlesque (MBF).  I headed off to the Twin Titties in the dead of winter all for the love of burlesque.  It was -30 degrees with the wind chill factor the first day I arrived.  This turned out to be alright.  MBF had organized for us to be picked up directly from the airport and a place to stay.  Knowing I’d be in a cozy home later made me feel warmer from the start.  The temperature rose to 8 degrees one day, man did that feel balmy!  When I landed in NY the 25 degrees we had going on dern near called for flip-flops as far as my body was concerned.

Palm trees of unknown species. Identification ...

The Thursday night kick off show went off with a bang.  Everyone looked like they were having such a great time on stage.  A green room area with two large that screens were set up.  Every night of the festival participants could enjoy snacks back stage and cheer each other on.  Good thing too because every show was sold out.  There were just standing room only tickets available.  I got to hang out and chat with performers whom I’ve admired from the interwebs since starting burlesque.  I think I managed to not be a creepy fan girl.

Soul Train

I’d been to Minneapolis once before with Brown Girls Burlesque.  I was excited to see all of the performers who I’d met at our Soul Train vs. Solid Gold show.  I stayed with the lovely and talented Josephine Belle and her girlfriend.  They were the ultimate hosts.  I truly can’t say enough thanks to them for making me feel so welcomed in their home.  I’m excited to get to show Josephine a great time on the east coast when she comes to NY to perform in The Brown Girls Burlesque All Star Shows later this month.

Friday night brought more great performances as did the early Saturday show.  A visit by His Purple Majesty may or may not have happened ;-).  I performed in the late show Saturday night.  It was so much fun on the stage.  The audience clearly came to see burlesque and loves it.  My second festival has truly spoiled me.  One of the best things was being able to see such a mix of classic and neo-burlesque all in one festival every single night!

The facade of the Central train station in Mil...

The facade of the Central train station in Milan, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next up for me this festival season is heading to the Great Burlesque Expo in Boston to perform at the Main Event Saturday night.  A few months later I’ll be heading to Milan to compete in the Milan Burlesque Awards.  Well, with a little help from my friends.  I’ll be launching an IndieGoGo Campaign March 8th to help me get there.  Please do give or share when you see it!

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