New York Burlesque Festival 2012 – Teaser Party

10th Annual New York Burlesque Festival – Essence Revealed

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Burlesque Beat has released an article with pics and thoughts about the Thursday night Teaser Show of the New York Burlesque Festival that I performed in. ¬†There are also great pics with the commentary ūüėÄ

My “bizarre full body cape” & costume was made by the Design Space Concept crew Marea Judilla & Edith Raw.

Free Burlesque Nurse Bettie, NYC 10-24-12

Les Fleurs de Shanghai @ Duane Park NYC Wed 10-24-12 8pm



My First Time Stories # 4

Cover of "Dirty Dianna"

I had been one of the go-go dancers earlier in the evening. ¬†I sweated my soul out dancing onstage with the other go-go dancers to warm up the space. ¬†I had never been a go-go dancer before that night (so it was a double first night). ¬†Man! ¬†It is hard work. ¬†I must have sweated in parts I didn’t know sweat was possible. ¬†Not only was this a warm up for the crowd, it was a warm up for me going on stage later.

We were in the famous Slipper Room home of several nights of Burlesque in New York City. ¬†The event was Sara Jenny & Rachel Grinstein’s¬† first Sex Worker Cabaret. ¬†The cabaret is in homage to Annie Oakley‚Äôs Sex Workers Art Show (1997-2009) and took place during LGBTQ Pride month of 2010. ¬†When it got close to the time for me to perform, I went backstage to change and catch my breath. ¬†My stomach had butterflies. ¬†I always get so nervous before I perform. ¬†I had been on this stage only moments before so I knew the room was packed. ¬†Yikes!


I put on a burgundy dress and wide-brimmed hat. ¬†I had on transparent gloves that had rhinestones along the sides. ¬†This was the only thing with any kind of bedazzlement. ¬†I decided my name would be the same as the memoir play I’d written, Essence Revealed. ¬†I didn’t want to use my stripper name, well, because this wasn’t stripping… ¬†Well, maybe it was because I knew I knew how to do that. ¬†This was the first time I was attempting to do burlesque. ¬†I ¬†was scared to call it burlesque so I told the producer that I had coined the term “stripper-lesque” to explain what I was doing. ¬†I didn’t want anyone to call me out for doing burlesque “wrong”. ¬†Now I know that what is burlesque can be answered in wide and various ways, categories, styles, etc.

I get on stage and back the audience as I wait for the music to start. ¬†I had gone through an extra long list of songs about sex workers. ¬†I almost picked Sting’s Roxanne but decided on Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana. ¬†The music began and I started to dance. ¬†I didn’t have choreography per say, so I was going on feeling what would come off next. ¬†I wanted it to be a slow tease. ¬†I made eye contact with one of the photogs in the front. ¬†She became one of the main focuses of my tease. ¬†She just seemed so friendly from behind her camera and really calmed my nerves while I was onstage.

The hat came off with a head turn. ¬†One glove and then the other. ¬†Oops, I took my dress halfway down and my pasties were already exposed through the sheer tank camisole I had over them. ¬†Hmmm, I think the pasties are supposed to be seen last. ¬†It hadn’t dawned on me until right then. ¬†I made it down to the short shorts which were sheer¬†in the back and silver sequins in the front. ¬†I had on a pair of plain black thongs under the shorts. ¬†I only put them on because the shorts were sheer in the back. ¬†I hadn’t planned on revealing them. ¬†Yes, that one thin strip of fabric made the sheerness seem not so bare in my stripper mind’s eye. ¬†However, since the pasties had already been seen, I decided, last-minute, that the tiny thongs with a booty wink on top would be the final reveal of the act. ¬†So, off went the shorts. ¬†Bounce, bounce went the right cheek and I was done when the song ended.

Syd London

Performance out of the way, I was able to meet the nice photog who turned out to be Syd London who shoots often for Time Out New York and The¬†Village¬†Voice online. ¬†So, the picture of me with the big rimmed¬†burgundy¬†hat was from my first time attempting to do burlesque. ¬†I actually bought the picture from Syd (ya know, to show the niece & nephew when I’m 90). ¬†The Slipper Room closed for renovations shortly after that. ¬†It is slated to re-open soon. ¬†I’ve seen pictures of the renovations (complete with aerial rigging :-D) and it looks beautiful.

I think it’s kinda cool that the first time I did burlesque was at the Slipper Room even if I had no idea what I was doing.

**Full Disclosure:  Keeping my word means much to me.  That I have posted on Wed instead of Tues the past two weeks may only be a big deal to me.  Still I apologize.  I have been trying to climb out of the grips of depression.  It has been a struggle to write about happy things.  My brain wants to lead me away from the light but I am fighting the good fight.  The sunshine is under there.  I can still feel it even when dressed in cloud cover.**

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