Sandy post…

I sat staring at the page yesterday trying to write something.  Nothing came to me.   Today, Sandy post the storm has me just as speechless.  I am still amazed by what this storm did to New York.  I’m safe.  I live in a part of Brooklyn that was not hit so hard.  My friends and I only peeked at the news from time to time.  This morning, I looked at the news and saw Sandy’s damage.  Some of the most severe are in  good friend’s neighborhoods.  It is absolutely surreal.

My electricity and internet signal were on the entire time.  I was with friends I’ve known for many years.  We listened to music.  We talked over cocktails and laughed.  We enjoyed each other’s company.   This is something that I seldom have the time to do.  Or should I say make the time to do.  I completely let go and did nothing “productive”.  I cleaned up my space with love.  I watched Netflix.  I worked on a costume.  I spent hours on the interwebs.  I am blessed.  I’ve been forced to slow down and see just how much.

However, people are homeless.  People lost lives.   It truly reminds us how fleeting things can be.  Just like that, any of us can be knocked back to one.  I truly don’t know what else to say other than I send up good thoughts and prayers to those affected by Sandy’s devastation here and abroad (ie…  Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican Republic).

Blessings to us all.

Here is a link of places to help here in New York.

2 thoughts on “Sandy post…

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